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Photo Gallery - This page includes some of the photos taken during the process of building my station over the years.  Both antenna and amplifier building is featured.
The Radio Boys
AM Broadcast Tower
Bill, N4AR, Tram Line
New 4-1000A Amp
40 Meter Feed
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View From The Top
Antenna Building Jig
20 Meter Mount
Home Brew 4-400A Amp
Cushcraft R-6000
Big Stack
Photo 1 – The Radio Boys My birthday party with the "Radio Boys":  friend John, Bill-W8BFD, Phil-G4UDU,  Bill- N4AR, Steve-K8LX, Eric-K8LV,  me-W8WA, Len-K8GM, Gary-K8FX and friend Al. Photo 2 – AM Broadcast Tower This AM broadcast tower was obtained from Jack, K8XX, a broadcast engineer. The tower is 20" on a side with 2" Diameter legs and each section is 20' in length and weighs 200+ lbs. per section. Raising the tower was a 2 summer project with the help of N4AR, G4UDU, K8FX and my Chevy Blazer. It currently holds my stacks on 40, 20, and 10 meters. Photo 3 – A View From The Top A tower view to the northwest from the top of my 140 foot AM broadcast tower. The lake in the foreground is Torch Lake. The tower holds fixed 40, 20 and 10 meter stacks to Europe. Photo 4 – Tram Line Raising Antenna The photo shows Bill, N4AR, adjusting the tram line as we raise the 2 element 40 meter beam to the 140' level. Photo 5 – Antenna Building Jig This is my building jig- a 10 foot 2" Diameter piece of galvanized pipe mounted in concrete. It's holding 3-4 element 10 meter beams and 2-2 element 15 meter beams just before installation. Photo 6 – Home Brew Amplifier My home-brew amplifier using a pair of 4-400As.  It was modeled after a Henry 2K using the same tank circuit components. Photo 7 – New 4-1000A Restored Cabinet This was once my Bud cabinet when I first built a 4-1000A amp back in the 1970s with the help of Jerry, W8TA.  I sold the amp back to Jerry, he sold it to Bob, K8IA and somehow it ended back at Jerry’s, where Greg, NA8V bought the amp.  He offered it back to me and I traded Greg a pole-peg transformer out of the oil for it.  I just restored the cabinet… no more rust or scratches! Photo 8 - New 4-1000A  Amplifier This is similar to my old amp, but with much better components... hopefully it will be finished in 2015. Photo 9 - 40 meter 4-SQ Feed Point On several bands I have 4-Square verticals.  This is the second antenna I installed at this QTH.  It is still a nice choice for instant switching.  At times the antenna equals my lower 2 element 40m beam in signal strength. Photo 10 - 20 Meter Vertical Mounting System In 2013 I installed 2 - 5/8 wave 20 meter verticals fed broadside NE/SW.  I wanted this for instant switching to the South Pacific.  These are two 41 foot verticals spaced 1/2 wave from each other.  I use muffler clamps and inverted U-channel and 2” electrical PVC to provide insulation for the antennas Photo 11 - Cushcraft R-6000 Vertical This is a Cushcraft R-6000 vertical antenna often used for domestic contests. It is not a good DX performer, but it does include 12 and 17 meters giving me those WARC bands. Photo 12 - Looking Up The 140 Foot Tower The photo shows my stacks toward Europe - 2/2 Mosley S-402 40 meter beams totally redesigned, 4/4 homebrew antennas on 20 meters, 4/4/4 Cushcraft 4 element beams strengthened and totally redesigned ... all antennas modeled in MiniNec.  The top 40 meter beam rotates and above that is a Cushcraft 3 element 10 meter beam that is used as a band opener and closer.
Repainted Bud Cabinet