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Antennas - Currently my antennas reside on 5 towers. The tallest tower is 140 feet in heighth and holds my European stacks.  Two towers are 85 feet tall with 20 and 15 meter antennas.  A 55 foot tower holds a 10 meter beam and a fold-over Rohn 45G at 75 feet has a tri-bander pointed south.
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Tower 1 -

This is the closest tower to our house and was the first tower on our property. It is an 85 foot Rohn 25G and has a Hy-Gain 204BA at 85 feet.  Above that is a Cushcraft 13B2 and a FO-22 432 Mhz yagi.  Down the tower is a stack of 2 element 15 meter beams pointed south.  Also on this tower is a wireless hub for our local COLI Internet provider.

Tower 2 -

Located just behind our home is a 55 foot Rohn 20G with a 6 element MiniNec designed 10 meter beam on a 37 foot boom.  The antenna is quite sharp and I put above that a 5/8 wave 10 meter vertical for listening.  This was my first 10 meter beam and I have since added others to the mix.

Tower 3 -

My third tower installed was an 85 foot American tower.  It holds a MiniNec designed 5 element 15 meter beam on a 30 foot boom.  The tower also has a 10 meter stack facing south.  Surprisingly it has survived 100 mile wind storms off Lake  Michigan!

Tower 4 -

The fourth tower installed at my QTH is the tallest at 140 feet.  It is an AM broadcast tower obtained from Jack Leishman, K8XX.  This was the toughest tower to install as it required a Rohn 65 ginpole that friend Bill Maxson, N4AR, brought up here from KY.  It took 2 summers to install.  The tower is 20 inches on a side and in 20 foot lengths.  Each section weighs 200+ pounds. Antennas on this tower include: 2 over 2 Mosley S-402 40 meter beams 4 over 4 homebrew 20 meter beams 4 over 4 over 4 homebrew 10 meter beams Hy-Gain 103BA 10 meter beam at 145 feet 160 meter 1/4 wave vertical sloping wires

Tower 5 -

My fifth tower is a Rohn 45G foldover tower at 75 feet. I have a Hy-Gain TH5DX fixed south for picking up multipliers during European runs when I am contesting. The tower also has my 80 meter 4-Square sloping 1/4 wave vertical wires with raised radials.