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About me ....

I grew up in Detroit with an interest in electronics,

art, and architecture....I have pursued all 3

interests for a lifetime.

The Detroit years -

As a kid, I grew up in the Detroit area, graduating from Redford High School. An early interest in electronics led to a science fair project in the eighth grade at Detroit’s Harding Elementary.  There I built a one-tube receiver with plug-in coils and heard "ham" radio operators on 160 and 80 meter AM phone for the first time. I immediately bought study manuals and learned Morse code. I was licensed in the ninth grade as WN8ROF.  Back then, I chased DX with good friend Tom Grove, W8POF.  Roger Branch, W8NSI, was a mentor to both of us in the old neighborhood. Graduating from high school, I took a job as a missile technician that futher enhanced my wiring skills and reading of schematics. My first exposure to contesting was with the high school amateur radio club during field day activities.  Later...Eric von Valtier, W8IRO (now K8LV), and I operated DX contests from the QTH of Larry Mueller - W8RLT in Livonia.  Larry’s station and antennas were most extensive I saw when I was a kid ... stacked beams on 2 towers and a 136 foot Rohn 45G with large antennas in the 1950s. After college, I bought a house in Royal Oak, Michigan and had my first contesting station.  Also, at this time, I met Steve Maki, K8LX (formerly WA8LYF) and got more serious about contesting. After Steve moved out of his parent's house, we spent a lot of time designing a multi-op station at Steve’s apartment.  Not knowing where the station would be located, Joe Holstein, N8EA (formerly W8HBK) offered his country location as a place to set up all of our individually owned towers. Eventually, when Joe moved from this QTH, Steve moved into the rental property.  Later Steve moved to his new QTH on acreage and the station was also moved to include more towers and antennas that were all modeled and designed by me with MiniNEC antenna modeling software.  Len Miller, K8GM, was instrumental in the rebuilding of the station this time as well as others too numerous to mention. There were many marathon work sessions building antennas, amplifiers and running cables. During the early 1970s, I operated a number of contests from Doc Sheller’s, (WA8ZDF/K8RR - SK) near Columbus, OH with a contingent of hams from the Detroit area. Bob Epstein, K8HLR (now K8IA), rounded us all up and led the charge.  Bob was instrumental in the design and expansion of that multi-multi effort, which was a fantastic place to operate and further increase my contesting skills. The Central Lake Years - In 1976, I moved to my current location in Central Lake and bought family property to built a new house, which is located on 6 acres. With a great deal of help from N4AR, K8FX, G4UDU, G4BUE and AA8YI.  There has been slow expansion of the station over a time of 20+ years resulting in 5 towers to hold my antennas.  The results of this station building are described elsewhere on the pages of this website.  My professional career includes BS, MEd and MA degrees from Wayne State University in art  education, pottery, and graphic design. I taught for ten years at Rochester Senior High School, four years at Northwestern Michigan College, and fourteen years at Boyne City High School, where I retired from in 2001.  I have been married to my fantastic wife since 1976 (who is very accepting of my hobbies). Together we share four sons. We have two wonderful daughters in law, a super significant other, and beautiful grandchildren who we adore.  (Two “Grand-dogs” and two “Grand-cats” make our life complete). :-))
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