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Northwestern Michigan -

Central Lake is located in Antrim County which is in Michigan's northwestern quadrant just inland from Lake Michigan. The area's economy is primarily farming and tourism. Devoid of heavy industry, it has become the state's summer and winter playgrounds. Surrounded by lakes, hills, and breath-taking vistas ... it is one of Michigan's most sought after areas in which to live, play, and visit. Winters usually last 6 months and we can average 200+ inches of snow!

Station Location -

Located just above the 45th parallel, Central Lake is about 35 miles north of Traverse City and 18 miles south of Charlevoix. My QTH is situated on 6 acres.  My station has been in the process of slow growth for the past 30 years. The antennas reside on 5 towers.  A 140 foot commercial AM broadcast tower holds the 40 meter, 20 meter, 10 meter stacks, and 160 meter wires.  Two 85 foot towers hold the 204BA and the 5 element 15 meter yagi.  A 70 foot fold-over tower holds a TH5DX fixed south and an 80 meter 4- Square.  The final 55 foot tower holds a 6 element 10 meter yagi. A big help with the growth of the antenna system has been the fantastic tower ability of my good friend Bill Maxson, N4AR, who had a vacation cottage in this area.  Bill has helped with the physical and design attributes of the towers and antennas.  Other great friends assisting in the project were Gary, K8FX, Phil, G4UDU, and the Shikoski brothers Tom and Don. My operating and contest skills were honed at the multi-multi contest station of K8LX where I operated for many years with my friend Steve Maki, and others.  I originally moved to Central Lake from Royal Oak, Michigan (near Detroit). The current QTH is 270 miles northwest of Detroit and has disadvantages of frequent auroras and over-the-pole absorption, making conditions often difficult. I have often referred to this place as the "radio- blackhole". However, the beauty of the area outweighs all of these negatives.
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